In which I talk to Kimberly Herbert

In doing this project, I seriously underestimated the power of Facebook. In an attempt to get some actual responses on my survey, I posted a link. My Mom reposted it, and some of her friends turned out to be authors. I asked and got a couple of useful interviews out of the deal.

My first was Kimberly Herbert, She’s self-published, and has actually been doing it for twelve years. She has a site here, and you can check it out if you want.


What was your experience with the publishing industry (in brief)? As far as you know, is this a common experience or were there special factors?

My first experience 12 years ago was not so favorable with the company I had originally tried. I found their system requirements for submission and their program was a bit difficult to navigate. Their price was fairly steep as well. However, self-publishing was fairly new at that time and there were few companies to go with. But in my most recent experience the new company is definitely much easier to navigate and their price is one of the least expensive in the market.

What were the best and worst elements of self-publishing?

The best thing about self-publishing is that I have complete control of my work including the cover. The worst part is the marketing end of it. I am responsible for everything including promotion.

The industry has changed a lot over time. Do you think it’s for the better, or worse, and why?

For myself it is absolutely for the better. There is much more variety for the choices I make in which company I will work with in the future.

Would you recommend self-publishing to a new author, and why?

That depends on how far the author is willing to go in order get his or her work on the market. There is a lot of leg work involved in self-publishing and some people do not wish to take on that much responsibility. Some authors would rather have a publishing company take the reins and make decisions for them. That’s not a bad route, if an author can get themselves accepted by a publishing company and is willing to change their work when told, in order to please someone else.

I’ve heard it said that self-publishers are also entrepreneurs. Do you usually find that to be the case?

Yes, entrepreneurs are motivated people who go out into the world finding new avenues to become successful. In order to be a successful self-published author, one must have that drive to get their work out into a very crowded market.


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